Photography / Natural history tours
in the Galapagos islands

 blue-footed boobies, by Mark Grantham

blue-footed boobies, by Mark Grantham


Photography & Natural History
in the Galápagos Islands

The Galápagos Islands are a dream come true for any wildlife photographer, but you likely already knew that! Several times each year we offer special Photo Tours with an added emphasis on creating magical imagery. These programs are our same 11 or 15 days routings paired with a more intense daily schedule and world-class photographer leadership. 

These very full days typically start with a sunrise landing (6am; when the park opens), as well as a delayed return from the islands (6pm; when the park closes). Bracketing our time closer to sunrise and sunset we enjoy both the best lighting for photography as well as the peak animal activity. Rather than rushing the experience our pace is even more relaxed than the norm, allowing more time in the field with the myriad wonders of Galápagos – time to set up and create your images. These photo tours have been described as our regular Natural History Workshop schedule on steroids! 

Not forgetting underwater photography opportunities, there are again 1 or 2 snorkeling sessions most days – just as on our regular Natural History Workshops. 

Leadership is key to these special Photo Tours of course. Our incredible Photo Tour leaders are Tui De Roy and Daniel Fitter (their bios and trip dates follow).

All groups are also escorted by a hand picked licensed Naturalist Guide, trained by the Galápagos National Park, whose role is to lead participants on shore and provide wildlife interpretation, as well as enforce the National Park rules. Our naturalists are among the best in the field. 

It should be mentioned that our Photo Tours are just that – tours – as opposed to Photography Workshops. Our team will try their hardest to make sure everyone has the opportunity to create the imagery they have been dreaming of, within park regulations. They will share their insights and ideas. They will inspire by example. They are not there however to teach anyone how to use a camera. Sure they can help, but these should not be viewed as technical workshops. Nightly lectures are more likely to focus on conservation and the natural history of the islands, rather than f-stops and apertures.

Not a photographer? No worries! These tours are perfect for anyone really interested in the science behind Galápagos, with expert leadership, maximizing your time ashore, and seeing the peak of wildlife behavior. The photo leader and the Naturalist Guide are there to share their wealth of knowledge with everyone!

I don't think you'll find a Galapagos tour where you will learn more or get more photo opportunities!

Our expert Photography Tour leaders include:

 Galapagos sea lion pup, by Tui De Roy

Galapagos sea lion pup, by Tui De Roy

Tui De Roy is a world-renowned, award-winning wildlife photographer and writer, as well as an acclaimed conservationist and founding fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers. Her work has been published in over 40 countries, with seven large-format books on Galápagos, plus others on the Andes, Antarctica, New Zealand, the world’s albatrosses, and penguins.

A self-taught naturalist, Tui has spent most of her life in the Galápagos Islands (her family having moved there when she was two), leading a pioneering lifestyle. By her formative teenage years Tui was spending much time in the company of scientists in various fields of Galápagos research, both learning from them and sharing her own intimate knowledge of the islands. Later she became the first Galápagos National Park licensed naturalist to serve the budding tourist industry (in the mid-70’s). She is an active member of the Charles Darwin Foundation general assembly, and served on its board of directors.

Although now living in New Zealand and traveling widely in pursuit of images of rare species and faraway places, Tui returns to Galápagos often, working tirelessly to promote their preservation and continuing her photo documentation in close association with the Galápagos National Park. Only very rarely does she lead a tour workshop – this really is a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the islands through her eyes! 

 Waved Albatross, by Tui De Roy

Waved Albatross, by Tui De Roy

 Yellow Warbler bathing, by Daniel Fitter

Yellow Warbler bathing, by Daniel Fitter

Daniel Fitter typically leads just two or three photography tours annually for Galápagos Travel, and often they are private charters for international photography groups, leaving few openings for individual photographers and nature enthusiasts to join. Born and raised in the Galápagos, Daniel's higher education was mostly in the U.K. His father, Julian Fitter, is well-known in the human history of Galapagos, as related in the biography MY FATHER'S ISLAND by Johannah Angermeyer. Today Julian is a strong voice for conservation in Galápagos. 

Daniel has the same sense of pioneering spirit, curiosity, and conservation ethic as his father. Daniel is a professional photographer, with work published internationally, and used extensively by the BBC. He has two books out; WILDLIFE OF THE GALAPAGOS is the leading natural history field guide to the islands, and a coffee table photography book, CREATIVE FORCE / GALAPAGOS. A Naturalist Guide and Dive Master in the Galápagos for more than two decades, Daniel currently lives in mainland Ecuador with his wife, Tina, while still considering Galápagos his true home.

 baby sea turtle, by Daniel Fitter

baby sea turtle, by Daniel Fitter

Photography tour departures and leaders

January 24-February 6, 2018; 11 days in Galapagos with Daniel Fitter • $6800

May 2-16, 2018; 15 days in Galapagos with Tui De Roy • $8500

July 25-Aug 11, 2018; 15 days in Galapagos with Tui De Roy • $8500

September 19-October 6, 2018; 15 days in Galapagos with Daniel Fitter • $8200

January 23-February 5, 2019; 11 days in Galapagos with Daniel Fitter • $7500

June 12-25, 2019; 11 days in Galapagos with Daniel Fitter • $7500

July 10-27, 2019; 15 days in Galapagos with Tui De Roy • $9700

July 24-August 10, 2019; 15 days in Galapagos with Tui De Roy • chartered