Slower Paced, Richer Experience

It is the fate of most voyagers, no sooner to discover what is most interesting in any locality than they are hurried from it...
— Charles Darwin, 1845

Tours Oriented to Photographers

The tours are paced to the needs of photographers and natural history enthusiasts. Anyone wanting more time on shore will experience value and enjoyment from our trips. We do offer important, extensive, unique, and excellent photo and observation opportunities.

  1. Most important is that we allow you to get the most out of a once-in-a-lifetime adventure travel experience. Our Workshops provide an in-depth orientation to the island's animals, animal behavor, ecology, geology, and evolution beyond the scope of most vacation–oriented tours.
  2. We spend a longer time in the islands than most tour groups. We feel that 11 days is the minimum time necessary to see most of the important Visitor Sites (including the outer islands) and be assured of a maximum viewing opportunity of the significant plant and animal species. We include 3 days in the volcanically-active western islands, where we whale-watch, see penguins, flightless cormorants, and giant tortoises in the wild. For maximum enjoyment and wildlife viewing opportunities, we recommend our 15 days in Galápagos program, incorporating an additional 4 days at key central islands.
  3. In addition to the legally-required Naturalist Guide, we provide a Tour Leader / Biologist who gives daily lectures on natural history. The Guide's role is to escort people on shore, to provide some wildlife interpretation, and to make sure the rules of the National Park are enforced. Having a Tour Leader adds a serious educational orientation to the trip.
  4. Our two daily island visits are longer (2-4 hours each) than most tours. We also go on shore earlier in the day (typically landing between 6 and 7am. vs. 8am for most other vessels) to enhance viewing and photographic opportunities.