where else do we go?

The Galápagos Islands are, and always will be, our focus. For over 25 years - since 1990 - GALAPAGOS TRAVEL has been sharing the Galápagos Islands with travelers - the islands have become our second home in a way. Galápagos is the place that magically brings us closer to the natural world. To snorkel with playful sea lions, see ageless giant tortoises in the wild, and blue-footed boobies diving together in a coordinated squadron - and all on schedule as set forth in the daily briefing.

Over the years many past Galápagos Travelers have been encouraging us to take them on other great adventures, while keeping our focus on in-depth exploration, wildlife, and really learning about where we we're going.

The Galápagos are a tough act to follow but we've created several new expeditions we think you'll love.  It's probably obvious we have a thing for islands.  And remote places...  Wildlife... History...  Cultures...  Photography...  Please join us on these custom designed small-group expeditions - you will be amazed!  


Madagascar; in depth

Much like Galápagos, Madagascar is a place that conjures up images of amazing wildlife - wildlife that is among the best in the world in terms of diversity and abundance, and in some cases is as approachable as the wildlife of Galápagos.  The isolation of Madagascar - it broke away from Africa over 150 million years ago - makes it a living laboratory of evolution, with plants and animals found nowhere else on earth - lemurs, chameleons, geckos, frogs, tortoises, and myriad birds.  

Neither solely a birding or wildlife tour, nor just a cultural tour, this is a general Natural History tour - a mix of amazing wildlife, spectacular scenery and rich cultural discoveries.  Expedition length is roughly 25 days allowing us to take our time experiencing 6 diverse regions plus the capital city.  Madagascar is an explorer and photographer's dream in all ways!


RapaNui14G - 1705-1706-1707e.jpg

Easter Island

Easter Island - Isla de Pascua - Rapa Nui...  No matter what one may call the island, it’s sure to bring mysterious and surreal images to mind. Images of moai, the enormous stone heads/torsos that dot the landscape (there are nearly 1,000 of them), oft recalled from childhood explorations through back issues of National Geographic magazines. 

Working with stellar local guides we offer 2 ways to experience Easter Island; either via an escorted small group expedition, or as a private tour custom designed to fit your schedule. In either case you are sure to be captivated by this remarkable island and its rich history and still-thriving culture. Join us on this most remote inhabited island in the world!