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This is new ground for Galapagos Travel. Debbie has some experience with Belize, and Mark with Mexico, but none of us can claim any expertise.  Our curiosity about the sub-continent however is great!  Now one of our trusted partners in the Polar regions - One Ocean Expeditions - is introducing two exciting new programs bridging the time between their Antarctic and Arctic seasons. After several years of research they are inaugurating these new itineraries in the spring of 2019, on board the newest addition to their fleet; the RCGS Resolute.

The Resolute is ideally suited to explore the azure waters of Central America, due to its small size, versatility and many exceptional outdoor panoramic viewing areas. Discovering Central America and beyond with One Ocean Expeditions offers access to the invaluable wealth of knowledge amassed by the experienced team, as well as the flexibility to optimize coastal routes that would otherwise be inaccessible. Explore exotic rainforest beaches and endemic species not found anywhere else on Earth. The tiny subcontinent of Central America is home to 7% of the entire world's biodiversity. The jungles, seas and skies are teeming with colourful and sometimes cartoon-like creatures. From inquisitive bottle-nosed dolphins in Costa Rica to haunting howler monkeys in Panama, guests will be in awe of the sheer abundance of wildlife that local guides will be able to identify. Two itineraries will venture from the Pacific, through the Panama Canal and on to Mexico. During the expeditions, guests have access to stand-up paddleboards, sea kayaks, snorkels and zodiac excursions, ideal to fully appreciate the rich ecosystems that thrive along the Central American coast.

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Costa Rica & the Panama Canal


Nowhere else in the world can you find a concentration
of wildlife like that of Central America – in particular Costa Rica and Panama. Costa Rica alone has over 840 identified species of birds and with over a quarter of the country identified as national parks, these protected areas are a naturalist’s dream. Famous for its manmade canal, Panama is also home to 940 avian species, as well as 125 mammal species endemic to this country. RCGS Resolute is the ideal vessel to explore this region due to its large outdoor deck areas and panoramic viewing platforms.

Our adventure begins in San Jose, Costa Rica, where we will meet at a central location before transferring to Puerto Caldera on the coast. From the Nicoya Peninsula we will work our way south, visiting four different national parks or protected areas. Our small ship gives us unprecedented access to the colourful bays and hidden coves of this lush, tropical coastline. When RCGS Resolute drops anchor, we’ll launch our zodiacs, kayaks, and stand-up paddle boards, so you can explore even further in guided small groups. You will also be able to explore on foot, hiking the trail networks of the parks, or strolling along the white sandy beaches.

After a week we will leave this tropical paradise and head for Panama City, journeying down one of the modern wonders of the world - the Panama Canal. The penultimate day of our voyage will be spent travelling from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean, through the 100-year old canal. We will end our voyage in Colon, Panama.


Central America Explorer: Panama to Mexico


Visiting six countries in ten days our Central America Explorer takes us to the tropical waters of Panama, Columbia, Nicaragua, Honduras, Belize & Mexico. Onboard One Ocean Expeditions’ newest vessel, RCGS Resolute, the idyllic Caribbean sea awaits us as we journey through stunning bays, islands and numerous national parks.

Famous for its high concentration of wildlife, Central America offers the perfect blend of wildlife watching, active discovery and relaxation in warm waters. With turquoise seas and lush forests, magnificent Mayan ruins, bustling markets and flourishing farms, the Caribbean coast of Central America is packed with opportunities to explore. Swim and snorkel around colourful coral reefs during the day before dancing the night away to reggae music by night. Whether you choose to soak up the sun on palm-lined beaches, hike through protected national parks or kayak to remote bays, our small group expedition will offer something for everyone.

Rich in culture as well as wildlife, cultural and historical points of interest will allow you to learn about the ancient Creole culture and explore the relatively undiscovered San Blas islands, protected by the native Kuna. Our journey begins in Panama City where we travel to meet RCGS Resolute, waiting for us in Colon. From here we venture up the coast visiting Columbia, Nicaragua, Honduras and Belize before reaching our final destination in Cozumel, Mexico.


Either/both Central America expeditions are currently available at promotional rates: save $1,000 per person off any bookings received before January 31, 2019!  This discount applies to all cabin categories while spaces are available.

Book both expeditions back to back and save even more!  Take 10% off the expedition cost of the second voyage, plus enjoy your choice of additional OneClub incentives offered to returning participants; maybe a complimentary cabin upgrade plus a free hotel night in your choice of gateway cities, plus a $100 bar credit.  It is a sweet deal any way you look at it!

If you've traveled with One Ocean Expeditions in the past (the Antarctic or Arctic with us, starting in 2008) then you are already in the OneClub and receive a 10% cost reduction on your first voyage, plus additional incentives!